Gee Roberson On Kanye West’s New Album: “It’s Hands Down The Most Incredible Hip-Hop Album”

Gee Roberson, the CEO of Hip Hop Since 1978 sat down with Bonsu Thompson and shared his thoughts on Kanye West’s upcoming LP, Dark Twisted Fantasy. (No Confirmed album title)

Kanye’s new album is hands down the most incredible hip-hop album. I’m not speaking as a manager or A&R, but as a born and raised in the Bronx true fan of hip-hop. It confuses the shit out of me ’cause it’s so incredible. What makes it so incredible is that listening to that album gives me the feeling I’ve had after listening to all the past great albums. Think about the first time you heard Midnight Marauders or Reasonable Doubt or 36 Chambers. It’s hard to take those feelings, sound subject matter and passion- all of those ingredients- and take it a step further. It’s stupid.

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