"Mase Is A Bitch" – Big L's Brother

Big L’s brother speaks with Vibe about his brother, Jay-Z, & how much of a bitch Betha is

Mase and Cam both went onto to find mainstream success. Did L remain close with them after their group Children of the Corn disbanded?

Well, L was the first one out, but his career didn’t take off first. Then Mase got that deal with Puff, he started acting stupid. I had to run Mase off the block because his head got way too big for his body. You see, all these guys looked up to Lamont.

What happened with Mase?

Mase is a bitch, a straight bitch. I couldn’t believe some of the shit he was saying on the radio. I have no type of respect for that dude. And I would love to speak to him face to face. I actually reached out to him and he told me I need to find God. He’s fake, man. He ain’t into the religion for real. That dude has always been running. He’s scared. Basically, his head got too big for his damn body. I was the one to run him out of 140th street. He was talking so much shit and talking down to people. He must have forgot who he was around. Well, one day he started talking crazy when I was right there on the block and told him I was going to punch him in the mouth and of course he ran, called his boys. And then he went over to Lamont and L told me to chill, saying Mase was aight. But I told L he can’t come back to the block, so that’s when Mase started hanging on Lenox.


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One Comment on “"Mase Is A Bitch" – Big L's Brother”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Who DOESN’T think hes a bitch

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