Reviews: Twista – The Perfect Storm

Not too long ago I reviewed Category F5 which was the return of the Traxster/Twista duo. I really enjoyed the album, so you can assume I was anticipating their next album together. The first problem I have with the album is one of the same problems I had with Category F5. No GMG Features (mainly Skooda Chose). I just feel like if these people are your artists you should atleast give them a spot on the album.

I know Skooda was on the best buy bonus or something with the last album but come on. The Traxster beats are on point here as usual and Twista doesn’t disappoint with the lyrics. The second problem is Twista’s attempts to try and fit in with whats hot. it comes off as him imitating the new songs that get played “I Do” & the track with Flocka Flame.

Overall it’s obviously nowhere near as good as Adrenaline Rush or even Kamikaze but its a solid effort. Honestly I think the worst songs on the album is the ones where he strays away from the sound that people loved on Adrenaline Rush.

Overall: 3 out of 5

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1. Darkness (Feat. Dawreck Of Triple Darkness)

The last album Twista featured Buk (of Psychodrama) on the into and this time he has Dawreck. This has the classic intro with Traxster talking that Adrenaline Rush & Category F5 had. The instrumental is classic Traxster with a twista vocal sample “You Don’t Wanna Bring Darkness Into This”. It’s one of the best songs on the album.

2. Up To Speed

“Twista been coming with fast lyrics for years. I’m glad to see niggas catch up to speed” Twista lets everyone know that they can’t touch him on the fast flow on this song and this track is a perfect example why. Another dope lyrical track from twista that fans of Twista from the Adrenaline Rush days will enjoy.

3. Make A Movie (Feat. Chris Brown)

Twista is known to kill tracks for the ladies with the fast flow and this is no different. Add a smooth hook from Chris Brown (originally done by T-Pain) and you have a classic track for the ladies similar to Wetter from the last album.

4.  I Do

I find a song I dislike so early in the album. The reason I don’t like it is that I think it’s way too similar to “My Chick bad” (Both produced by Traxster). it just sounds like Twista liked My Chick Bad and wanted something similar except the song has a whole isn’t as catchy.

5. 2012 (Feat. Tia London)

Here Twista speaks on the theory that the world will end in 2012 and how he wants to be with his girl like it’s 2012 (until the end). Add a smooth hook from new artist Tia London and this is another solid track for Mr. Tung Twista.

6. Sweating While You Wait (Feat. Scotty)

This is the classic smooth track from Traxster/Twista. The only thing missing is a Johnny P hook lol. I can see this being a track played on Chicago radio heavily.

7. Back To The Basics

Back To The Basics is the perfect name for this rapid flow track. If this isn’t the classic Traxster sound then i don’t know what is. Here the album takes a break from the slow tracks like 2012 and Sweating and goes back to the hard lyrical tracks. Ironically the best songs on the album is when he goes “Back To The Basics”

8. Hands Up, Lay Down (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame)

This is my least favorite song on the album. This is what I mentioned earlier about Twista attempting to fit in. It reminds me of “Walking On Ice’ Featuring Oj Da Juiceman from the last album. A unnecessary stray from the rest of the album.

9. Call The Police (Feat. Ray J)

Another track for the ladies. Its a ok song that sounds like it would have been better with someone like R. Kelly doing the hook. It real similar to many Twista/Kellz collaborations we’ve heard in the past…except with Ray J -_-

10. Cocaine (Feat. Yo Gotti)

Dedicated to the hood hustle featuring who else but Yo Gotti. Its not terrible but its not a stand out track. It’s average at best. Another example of why I say he should stop straying from the classic sound that people like hearing from him. Which is why people disliked that Adrenaline Rush 2007 album…

11. The Heat (Feat. Raekwon)

Here we get Chicago’s legendary producers Traxster & No ID collaborating on a beat. In my opinion this is the best song on the album. You get ill verses from Twista, A ill verse from Raekwon, and a insane sample driven beat.

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  1. miguel Says:

    how can i find the beat of twist darkness beat you dont wanna bring darkness into this beat at

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