Jay-Z Speaks On Illuminati Rumors, Talks Potential Addition To Roc Nation

Jay-Z has been making the rounds these past few days, promoting his new book Decoded. While in Britain, he stopped by Tim Westwood’s radio show to talk about a number of things, but most notably, what he thinks about rumors of his connections to the “Illuminati.”

“It’s a secret society that everyone knows about,” he said, laughing. “I think that when people have a certain amount of success it needs to be explained in a way other than hard work and talent and being blessed. We’ve been seeing this since the beginning of time. The Beatles or anybody else that’s similar [to them]. That’s how you know that you’re really getting big. And I’m just like ‘Man, I’m rock star big? I get these kinds of rumors?’ I think it’s really silly but everybody needs stuff to talk about.”

While Jigga regards the speculations of his being tied to a secret society as silly, there is one thing he continues to take seriously: business. His trip to Britain may not have been just to promote his new book. He’s also expressed an interest in signing British rapper Tinie Tempah to his Roc Nation label.

“If he wants to be super successful, he should come to [Roc Nation],” Jay told Radio 1. “I’ve been hearing about him.”

If Tempah signs to Roc Nation, he will be the ninth artist to join the stacked team.

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