Young Buck & Tha City Paper – G.A.S. 2 (Mixtape)

1. Freeway Rick Ross Speaks
2. One More Time [Prod. By Chizzy, Mike & Sarah J]
3. I See Why [Prod. By G.O.T.H.A.M. City]
4. Throwed Off [Prod. By Jokaa & Sarah J]
5. Pussy Bill [Prod. By Mouse On Tha Track]
6. Amerika (feat. Paperchase) [Prod. By G.O.T.H.A.M. City]
7. Disrespectful [Prod. By G.O.T.H.A.M. City]
8. Plastic Bag [Prod. By Chizy, Mike & Sarah J]
9. Reason I Ball (feat. Rukus 100) [Prod. By Chris & Sarah J]
10. I Ball Hard (feat. Grenade Strap & Cocane) [Prod. By 2G’s]
11. God Bless ‘Em [Prod. By G.O.T.H.A.M. City]
12. Scale & Trap Phone [Prod. By Brandon Broadway Settles]
13. Mama Spot (feat. Generation X) [Prod. By Brandon Broadway Settles]
14. Rubberband Banks [Prod. By Purps]

Download: Link

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